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The Great Gatsby:

I mean that may have honestly be the best thing I’ve ever seen on film.

It was great. I’ve never felt so drawn in towards characters before. As someone who only read reviews and excerpts from the book, I feel that this movie definitely did justice to the original piece.. I’d highly recommend you and your friends going to see it. 

The reception of the movie was in a few words: breathtakingly teasing. As even having knowing what would happen next, or rather guessing, the shock value of the actual event were brilliant. 

And please, PLEASE, IF YOU SEE THIS MOVIE, keep an OPEN MIND. Almost every person under the age of 21 that saw that movie along side me was, immature, anxious or plain rude. There was a scene **SPOILER** where a woman died and her shirt was ripped open and her breast exposed. Kids were LAUGHING. What is SO funny? The nipple? The death? Either way you need counseling. 

And almost EVERY TIME there was some forms of help, namely butlers or assistants, they LAUGHED. Why? More than likely because the help was black or Hispanic. 

I promise, this is a land of philistines! They showed no appreciation after the credits rolled and they left their seats. “It was too long!” or “It was SO boring!!!”. This is what I heard as I walked out. 

I’m personally upset because, I feel that they could have been easily drawn into the world of yesteryear as I was, had they actually paid attention rather than tweet during the entire movie. 

This movie left me utterly SPEECHLESS as I vacated the theater. And it made me wonder about the things I’ve done, the things I’m currently doing and what I may do in the future. Because life is short, and in the blink of an eye, it can vanish. 

And for that, I raise a glass and tip my hat.

My personal review of this stunning motion picture is a 10/10.

P.S. I am not a journalist. I just LOVED this movie.

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